United by our passion for good design, we are driven by our desire to create memorable experiences.


Raed Alwadhi

A native of Kuwait, Raed gained an early appreciation for design. Passionate about experiencing new cultures and destinations, Raed travelled to the United States to attend university where he received his Bachelors degree in Architecture and Masters degree in Graphic Design. Over the years, he has honed a unique sense of style that he translates into each project he takes on, whether architecture, interior or graphic design. His embrace of a minimal aesthetic is contrasted with his bold aesthetic sensibilities which creates inviting and attractive spaces.

Aurora Porter

Beginning her architecture education in Costa Rica in the early 1990s, Aurora followed her passion to travel and experience different cultures. After moving to London in search of a multidisciplinary design, Aurora landed at the Royal College of Art where she graduated with a Masters in Architecture. Since being immersed by the incredible passion she experienced at university, she has lived and worked in London, New York City, Miami, Costa Rica and Bermuda.

Douglas McClellan

Enamored with design since he was a child, Douglas began his proper education in architecture before transitioning to interior architecture. Realizing the fundamental principles of design are the same regardless of the medium, he combines his interior background with his range of experiences - personal, professional and educational - to strategically pull his strengths together to create enduring, on-point creative for every project he launches. Always on the pulse of current trends, he combine timeless sensibilities and design principles with contemporary styles to create impactful and enduring experiences.